The Selangor And FederalTerritory Engineering And Motor Parts Traders Association, also

known as “ EMPTA ”, is a nonprofit association formed by a group of enthusiastic, enterprising

and far sighted automotive parts and components traders in 1970.


The association formed with the prime objectives of uniting and enhancing trade among

members, providing welfare and services, protecting the interest and rights of members and

fulfilling our social obligations.


The association has gained tremendous development from time to time, through the

administration of an efficient and united committee. At present, EMPTA is embracing 900

over memberships. Among them are manufacturers, importers and exporters, distributors,

franchise holders, wholesalers and retailers.


The Association is very responsive to the government issues and regulations unfavorable to

the automotive trade. Therefore, the support and co-operation of our members are imperative

in the process of protecting our interest and reflecting our views to the government.  


We welcome those in the automotive trade but still not an EMPTA member yet to join force with

us to form a greater voice in protecting and fighting our interest and rights.

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