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EMPTA Dinner2022June5A

52nd Anniversary Dinner

The 52nd Anniversary Dinner of EMPTA was held successfully on 5 June 2022. Themed BRAVE THE HEADWINDS AND FORGE AHEAD, the annual event was resumed after suspended for two years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and movement controls. EMPTA members and invited guests rekindled their networking during the dinner which was swarmed by a crowd that occupied a totally 101 banquet tables of the event. In adherence to the tradition of charity for education at the annual dinner, a sum of RM50,000 was donated to SJKC Kepong 2. EMPTA Chairman Kau Peng Yap said in his speech that although the MCO and pandemic had significantly restricted our business activities in the past two years, changes in the automotive industry continued to take place. “According to report, global electric car sale was more than four million last year, which was three folds the sale volume in 2019. If the trend continues, it will definitely impact the auto parts industry. I understand that electric cars use 70% lesser parts, and our members should take note on this.” “In the meantime, many countries are now setting higher emission standards for cars, some car makers have even pledged to stop producing combustion car by year 2040, they include Mercedes-Benz, Volvo Cars and General Motors.” Kau reminded members that these are noteworthy developments.


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雪隆机械及车辆零件商会创会52周年纪念晚宴于2022年6月5日圆满举行,那是继两年的疫情之后复办的活动。当晚开设筵席101桌,让相隔已久的众会员及相关业者共聚一堂,叙旧论新。晚宴的主题是乘风破浪,砥砺前行,希望大家撑过两年的风浪,继续前进。 延续过去的辅助教育的传统,雪隆机械及车辆零件商会配合晚宴捐献吉隆坡甲洞二校5万令吉。 雪隆机械及车辆零件商会主席高平业在晚宴上致词时表示,虽然疫情在过去两年限制了许多商业活动,但是世界的汽车发展不停地变化。 “电动车的兴起。根据《日本经济新闻》的报导,全球的电动车销量在去年高达460万辆,是2019年的3倍。” “世界各国的政府对于汽车排放的法规逐渐提高,有些车辆制造商甚至宣布在最迟2040年停止生产燃油汽车,当中包括马赛地、富豪汽车和通用汽车。”他提醒会员,者都是值得注意的趋势。


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